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ID/Title    Price    Sales    Cashflow    County
20011: Subway Franchise for Sale   $325,000   $375,000   Call/Ask   Orange
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20010: Flame Broiler   $249,000   $520,000   $104,000   San Bernardino
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20004: Pow Wow Pizzeria   $59,000   Call/Ask   Call/Ask   Los Angeles
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20002: Absentee Run Waba Grill For Sale   $300,000   $500,000   $105,000   Los Angeles
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19028: BurgerIM franchise for sale   $175,000   Call/Ask   Call/Ask   Ontario
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19021: Sports Bar and Grill   $125,000   $414,000   Call/Ask   Inland Empire
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19011: Restaurant with Banquet & Liquor License   $85,000   Call/Ask   Call/Ask   San Bernardino
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17030: Salad & Sandwich Restaurant in Food Court   $85,000   $120,000   Call/Ask   Riverside
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