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Business Valuation

It goes without saying that determining the value of your business is one of the most critical steps in selling your business. Without a business valuation you could easily under-value the business and leave money on the table or over-price the business and waste a lot of time and energy only to never sell the business. Our experience, market-based knowledge and understanding of valuation methodologies enables us to make sure that you sell your business for the best price possible in the shortest time possible.

Closing The Sale

After due diligence is completed, there is still a lot of work to be done and issues to be addressed involving tax releases, lien search, lease assignment, allocation of purchase price, etc. This is accomplished with the help of your BusinessQuest™ broker and an escrow service specializing in business escrows so that the sale is properly completed and documented. The purpose of escrow, similar to a real estate transaction, is to protect both the buyer and seller by completing the transfer of assets or stock through a documented legal process by a neutral third party.

Conducting Due Diligence

After an offer has been accepted, the sale must still go through a due diligence period. Due diligence is a process involving a detailed review of the business by the buyer and a detailed review of the buyers ability to complete the purchase of the business by the seller. BusinessQuest™ provides guidance on the process of conducting due diligence and attempts to facilitate the process through good communications with buyer and seller.

Developing An Exit Strategy

Planning for the sale of your business can dramatically improve not only the sale price of your business but also increase the net proceeds from the sale that go straight into your pocket. BusinessQuest™ can work with you to evaluate your business and help you position your business to maximize your sale price and proceeds.

Financing Options To Help Complete The Sale

Regardless of the buyers financial resources, the sale of your business will likely involve some amount of financing. Whether in the form of seller financing, SBA financing or bank financing, nearly all business sales involve financing. BusinessQuest™ helps you understand financing options and implications because the terms of a sale play a critical role in getting a good price and reducing the time to sell.

Finding The Right Buyer

Finding prospective buyers for your business is very important but even more important is finding the right buyer. If you spend time with every person who claims to be interested in buying your business you will likely waste countless hours and possibly months. Our job is to limit your time to dealing with serious buyers that are financially qualified to complete the purchase of your business so you can continue to run your business until the sale is complete. We will help find industry buyers, individual investors or private equity groups depending on your needs.

Marketing The Sale Confidentially

To get the best price possible for the sale of your business you will need an advertising/marketing program that maximizes the number of prospective buyers that are made aware that your business if for sale. We have a proven program that combines the power of our business broker network, multi-site internet advertising and advertising to others in your industry. Of course, all this is done confidentially so that your employees, customers or competitors are not aware your business is for sale.

Structuring The Sale (Asset vs Stock Sale)

One of the key and more complicated decisions to be made when selling your business is whether it should be in the form of an Asset Sale or Stock Sale. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, buyers prefer an Asset Sale and sellers prefer a Stock Sale. BusinessQuest™ can help make you aware of the issues that you will need to address with your legal and accounting advisors.